Flexible Credit Home Loan

Qualify after Foreclosure

What is the Flexible Credit Loan?

The Flexible Credit Home Loan Program is a revolutionary home loan program that is catered to those who were affected by the recession. Currently offered by the CFS Mortgage Corporation, this program is available to residents of Arizona and Southern California.


How does the Flexible Credit Home Loan Assist Previous Homeowners?

This program assists homeowners who have recently been through a foreclosure, short sale or have recently emerged from bankruptcy.

The vast majority of banks and credit unions in the United States are refusing to lend to people who have less than perfect credit. Normally, potential borrowers must have at least a 700 FICO score to qualify for a mortgage. This is not the case with the CFS Mortgage Corporation.

CFS Mortgage understands the situation that many people currently find themselves in. The recession hit the country hard and jobs were lost at an alarming rate. While the economy is slowly recovering, much of the population still needs help. That’s where CFS Mortgage comes in.


If You Meet These Simple Criteria You Pre-Qualify

If you’ve been looking for a home loan after being affected by the recent recession, you probably aren’t very optimistic. In fact, you might have given up. Traditional lenders simply don’t work as hard as CFS Mortgage to craft loan terms which work for both parties, and are at the same time reasonable. Unreasonable loan terms are a big contributor to why the housing market faltered, so we only want to enter into agreements which result in solid long-lasting relationships. Read the minimum requirements below to see if you qualify for our Flexible Credit Home Loan Program.

► At least one day since foreclosure/short sale; or six months after bankruptcy
► 6 months of payments reserved in bank to ensure payment
► Minimum loan amount of $180,000 – Arizona
► Minimum loan amount of $225,000 – California
► 25% down payment
► FICO score is at least 600
► Arizona and California properties only


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Many folks who emerge from bankruptcy or foreclosure assume that they will only be able to rent an apartment. A Flexible Credit Loan gives potential borrowers a second chance at home ownership.